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La Môme

Philipp Hillebrand, clarinet/bass clarinet
Florian Weiss, trombone
Clemens Kuratle, drums/percussion

La Môme play their tunes in such a subtle manner, that one would think they were a giant orchestra. With the absence of bass and harmony, the trio, consisting of Florian Weiss (tb), Phillipp Hillebrand (cl) and Clemens Kuratle (dr) pulls great strength from an otherwise fragile setting and uses this to present a colourful, vivid range of music. Their debut album was devoted to the great Edith Piaf, her incomparable chansons served as an esthethic guideline for the bands own compositions and improvisation. The focus now lies on the development and continuity of the trio’s collective musical identity.

La Môme - "La Môme"

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Released 2017/01/1 as CD, LP and download. Order directly via email.


Upcoming concerts

30.09.18 / tbaJewish Culture Center, Moscow (RU)
01.10.18 / tbaTipographia art center, Tula (RU)
02.10.18 / tbaPetrovsky Book Club, Voronezh (RU)
03.10.18 / tbaKozlov Club, Moscow (RU)
04.10.18 / tbaNikitin Club, Nizhny Novgorod (RU)
05.10.18 / tbaJFC Jazz Club, St. Petersburg (RU)
06.10.18 / tbaU Gasheka Club, Kaliningrad (RU)
07.10.18 / tbaRotor Club, Egorievsk (RU)
08.10.18 / tbaKirpich Art Club, Togliatti (RU)
09.10.18 / tbaState Arts Museum, Samara (RU)
10.10.18 / tbaJazz Club, Ufa (RU)
11.10.18 / tbaGriphon Art Club, Izhevsk (RU)
13.10.18 / tbaDocumental Cinema House, Moscow(RU)
14.10.18 / tbaYeltsin Center, Yekaterinburg (RU)
16.10.18 / tbaKMC Initiativa, Dubna (RU)
28.11.18 / tbaKasheme, Zürich (CH)


Article by Tom Gsteiger in "Der Bund", 04.05.2017: Als PDF lesen oder auf derbund.ch

Report in the "Zürichseezeitung" about our concert at the "C. F. Meyer-Haus" on December 16th 2016. Read!


Our debut album is presented on February 4th 2017 on "Radio 3Fach" in the show "Samschtig-Jatz". Listen!

© 2015 Florian Weiss

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