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La Môme

Philipp Hillebrand, clarinet/bass clarinet
Florian Weiss, trombone
Clemens Kuratle, drums/percussion

“Little sparrow” (“Môme Piaf“) was the careful nickname Louis Leplée used to promote the 19 years old Edith Gassion on his cabaret stage in Paris. The name persisted time and introduced the birth of a new star who first conquered France and later the entire world with hits as “Non, je ne regrette rien“ and “La vie en rose”.

These chansons, supported by their melodies that foremost narrate of past affairs, never lost their charisma. “La Môme” picks this charm up and returns it with the shine of a modern Jazz trio and a plucky instrumentation.

The arrangements for clarinet, trombone and drums sustain the grace of Piaf’s voice as well as the frailty of the personality Edith Piaf. The sound of trombone and clarinet clearly re-invoke ages when music struck up from vinyl records. The trio succeeds in letting the audience be carried away to the city of Paris of the fifties and then, just below the Eiffel tower, suddenly erupting in a rumbling jazzy firework.

La Môme - "La Môme"

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We are very happy about the release of our debut album on January 11th 2017. You can order your copy here for 20.- CHF (CD + shipping costs) or 25.- CHF (LP + shipping costs). You don’t use CDs anymore? No problem, we will send you a download code for 15.- CHF. Just write me an email.


Upcoming concerts

18.11.2017 / 11:00Villa Sträuli, Winterthur (CH)
28.11.2017 / 19:30Blumenfressersalon Mannheim (DE)
29.11.2017 / 20:00Goldene Krone, Darmstadt (DE)
30.11.2017 / 20:30Café NEU!, Kassel (DE)
01.12.2017 / 20:30 Café Tasso, Berlin (DE)
02.12.2017 / tbaNomad Store & Gallery, Berlin (DE)
03.12.2017 / 20:15 Franz Mehlhose, Erfurt (DE)
04.12.2017 / 22:30C. Keller, Weimar (DE)
05.12.2017 / tbaRösslstube, Dresden (DE)
06.12.2017 / tbaJazzclub Hirsch, Moosburg (DE)
07.12.2017 / tbaBar Gabanyi, München (DE)
14.12.2017 / tbaBoogie Nights WG (Hauskonzert), Emmenbrücke (CH)
15.12.2017 / 20:30Literaturcafé, Biel (CH)
06.02.2018 / tbaMarsoel, Chur (CH)


Article by Tom Gsteiger in "Der Bund", 04.05.2017: Als PDF lesen oder auf derbund.ch

Report in the "Zürichseezeitung" about our concert at the "C. F. Meyer-Haus" on December 16th 2016. Read!


Our debut album is presented on February 4th 2017 on "Radio 3Fach" in the show "Samschtig-Jatz". Listen!

© 2015 Florian Weiss

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