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Linus Amstad, altosaxophone
Florian Weiss, trombone and composition
Valentin von Fischer, double bass
Philipp Leibundgut, drums

Florian Weiss, a young trombonist and composer based in Switzerland, and his innovative jazz quartet "Woodoism" invite you to a musical loop through the cracking undergrowth of jazz music. Never letting go of your hand, the bandleader's compositions will take you to murky burrows and mellow glades, and what's more, the four upcoming musicians make this happen without one single harmony instrument.

"Woodoism" - Florian Weiss' Woodoism

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Released 2017/04/05. Order CD directly via Mail. Album also available online.

Press commentaries

"Entertaining and pleasurable music, in its best sense. Smart and funny compositions rich in variety." (Steff Rohrbach in "Jazz n More")

"Smart recklessness." (Tom Gsteiger in "Der Bund")

"The young trombonist and his saxophone partner build subtle polyphonies, and on the other hand they make it crash [...] with a lot of wit, temperament and high spirits." (Peter Rüedi in "Die Weltwoche")


Pictures and further info on Facebook

Release Tour 2017

With financial support of „FONDATION SUISA“, „Schweizerischen Interpretenstiftung“ and „Pro Helvetia“.

02.05. / 20:30Baguette, Zug
04.05 / 20:30BeJazz Club, Bern
05.05. / 21:00Literaturcafé, Biel
06.05 / 22:00Kiste, Stuttgart
07.05. / tbaMampf, Frankfurt am Main
08.05 / 20:30Schon Schön, Mainz
09.05. / 20:00Café Wagner, Jena
10.05 / 21:00Speicher, Erfurt
11.05. / 20:30Dr. Seltsam, Leipzig
12.05 / 20:30Peppi Guggenheim, Berlin
13.05. / tbaBlaue Fabrik, Dresden
14.05 / tbaCafé Omar, Ulm
15.05. / 21:00Jazzkantine, Luzern
18.05 / 20:30Jazzclub, Aarau
19.05. / 21:00Café du Belvédčre, Fribourg
24.05. / 20:30Niente, Zug
31.05 / 19:00Villa Irniger, Zürich
16.11. / 20:30Bird's Eye, Basel
17.11. / 20:00Jazzclub Allmend, Oberengstringen ZH

Coming up: AT/HU-Tour in October 2018.


CD-Review by Peter Rüedi in "Weltwoche", 12.07.2017: Read!

Article by Tom Gsteiger in "Der Bund", 04.05.2017: PDF or go to derbund.ch

Report and interview with Linus Amstad of the online magazin “Zentralplus” released on August 22nd 2016: zentralplus.ch

Preview for the BeJazz summer festival July 28th 2016: view PDF

Hungarian article appeared on the “Kanizsa” newspaper about our concert on February 11th 2016 in Nagykanizsa, HU (Cikk a Kanizsai Újságban a 2016 február 11.-ei fellépésünkröl a Medgyaszay Házban): view PDF

Article appeared on the “Neue Zuger Zeitung“ about our concert on November 19th 2015 at the yearly concert of the “Stadtmusik” Zug: view PDF


Report by “Kanizsa TV” about our concert on February 11th 2016 in Nagykanizsa, HU (Riport a Kanizsai TV-ben a 2016 február 11.-ei fellépésünkröl a Medgyaszay Házban): Kanizsa TV


Laura Schuler and Florian Weiss as guests at the “Radio Bern”. The radio show "Jazz am Sunntig" broadcasted on December 27th 2015 on the occasion of "Die Letzten Tage" to be listened here as podcast.

© 2015 Florian Weiss

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